Vote Smart – Learn about the candidates

Before we know it, the midterm elections will be here. Are you prepared?

Vote Smart – Facts Matter is a website that has several free tools to help you learn more about the people on your ballot so you can make informed decisions.

Below is a sampling of the free, powerful tools offered on the website to give you peace of mind that you’re electing the right people to represent you this November.

ISPY: Enables every citizen to research the records of over 40,000 politicians in a keyword searchable database: every biography, vote, issue position, rating, speech, and political contribution received. It’s easy: just choose a politician you’re interested in learning more about and quickly find every fact about them from the above categories.

POLITICAL GALAXY: Takes each voter on a ride through the universe of facts on any politician. Just select an issue and instantly arrive at every fact related to that person on that issue.

VOTEEASY: Enter your position on a dozen of the nation’s most pressing issues and instantly find every fact related to that person on that issue. Quickly see which candidates best align with your views on the issues that matter most, as the yard signs move forward in agreement or recede based on their public record.