UMCOR School & Health Kits for Thanksgiving Ingathering 


It is time to collect items for school kits or money to purchase items for the school kits while the school supplies are on sale.

Since stores sell bargain-priced school supplies in July, that is the perfect time to purchase the following items for School Kits:

(1) 30 cm. metric ruler
(1) box of 24 crayons (ONLY 24)
(1) 2 1/2 inch eraser
(1) BLUNT-END scissors
(1) hand-held pencil sharpener
(6) unsharpened pencils with erasers
(3) Notebooks, approx. 8 1/2 x 11 wide-ruled (70-80 sheets each)

Place your school kit in a zip lock bag and place in the tub outside the Missions closet.

With any extra money donated we plan to purchase items for HEALTH KITS, or you can donate an entire Health Kit:

(1) new hand towel (15” x 25” up to 17” x 27”)
(1) new washcloth
(1) bath-sized bar of soap in wrapper (3 oz. or larger)  NO Ivory or Jergens
(1) Large, STURDY comb (not pocket-sized)
(1) new toothbrush in original sealed wrapper, not child-sized
(1) nail file or fingernail clipper (no emery boards or toenail clippers)
(6) Band-Aids (3/4”)

To ASSEMBLE: Lay out hand towel with washcloth lying flat in center. Place rest of items on top of washcloth. Fold sides of towel to cover items. Fold 1 end of towel so it covers all items. Grasp bundle of items and roll over rest of towel lightly. Place rolled bundle in zip lock bag.

If you are donating MONEY, the Mission team needs your donation by August 6th so the shopping can be done for you.  Write a check to St. Timothys UMC with “school kit” in the memo.

If you are donating an entire kit, we do not need them until the end of October.

Thank you for your support.

Contact:  Carolyn Scoville


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