Time and Talent Survey

Time and Talent Survey

Share Your Gifts of Time, Talent, and Passions

handsThere are many reasons why we hope everyone in the church will complete our Time and Talent Survey every year.

  • We want to present each person in the church with service opportunities that enable them to follow Christ in their own unique way.
  • The more people that volunteer, the more ministry the church will be able to accomplish. The potential to build God’s kingdom through our church is boundless.
  • When more people participate, we get a clearer picture of the interests and direction of the WHOLE church. In other words, the process can be prophetic, but only if people participate.

Please fill out your form as soon as possible.

  • Print and/or download the Time and Talent Survey , fill it in, and bring or mail it to church.
  • OR Contact the church to request a printed form.