Keep Collecting for Cunningham

Keep Collecting for Cunningham

milkmoolaOne of our jobs as a Cunningham Partner In Education is collecting Hy Vee receipts, box tops for education, Milk Moola, glazers doughnuts ovals, and used ink cartridges.

The HyVee receipt contest starts over each June.  Please get your receipts to the Capps at least monthly, as there are some exclusions that must be deleted from the total.  We certainly want your receipts to count after you make the effort to save them!

Receipts are accepted from HY VEE PHARMACY, TENT SALES, GAS, GARDEN CENTER, DELI RESTAURANT, GROCERIES, (STARBUCKS and CARRIBOU COFFEE if the receipt has “HY VEE” and one of the store locations on it), from Waterloo, Cedar Falls or Waverly.

Box Tops for Education receipts are sent in periodically.

We have Milk Moola on hand and are still collecting. Since they don’t expire, they will be sent in when a shipping container is full.

We’re still collecting My Coke and Pepsi Rewards as well as any other pop rewards that are offered.

Your Target credit card may be used to register your school of choice. Cunningham will receive a percentage of your purchase. Check with the courtesy desk to find out how to do this.

We’re still collecting pop tops to be counted with the idea they may some year make a million! These will be recycled to the Iowa City Ronald McDonald House at the end of the school year.

Thank you all for your dedication in helping a school that really needs your help!

Every day is Garbage Collection Day in the Capps communicator box! (GARBAGE = MONEY FOR CUNNINGHAM!!)